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Christmas Gift Ideas with a Personal Touch

Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples

It’s the most exciting time of the year, you’ve got your winter woollies at the ready, you’re ready to hit the shops (if you haven’t already) but what do you buy the man/woman who has EVERYTHING?! Shopping for this kind of person can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you want to make it special. Cast aside the idea of the usual socks, slippers, jumpers and the general stocking fillers. Think outside the box. A good place to start would be to buy something that actually means something; something that touches the heart and makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This metallic song soundwave is perfect if there’s a certain song that means something to him/her or even both of you. Invoke those treasured memories with this striking piece of sentimental but stylish art.

The early Christmas toy buzz has tipped this Luvabella doll to be the new ‘Hatchimal of 2017’. The rush for the Hatchimal last year was somewhat stressful, if not amusing, and we are sure there will be many parents around the country keen to avoid getting caught up in a repeat of last year’s ‘hatching madness’. What’s all the fuss about? Well, this lifelike Luvabella Doll responds affectionately to love, changing her expression just like a real baby and the unique selling point on this doll is the way she interactively responds. Tickle her tummy and she giggles, give her a bottle and she will “drink”.

How about ‘Our Life Story’ it’s basically a huge joint diary and record of a couples lives together and infinitely more romantic than a joint bill account! With 1,080 pages, it’s more than enough to fit in a lifetime of memories, events, pictures, plans and keepsakes. That first date, your first holiday, Valentine’s Day, or just the fun times you shared being silly and outrageous. Not every day is plain sailing but picture the scene – You’re sitting by the fire at Christmas 10 years down the line with a hot chocolate in hand looking back at your amazing journey together. Whatever happened in between, these memories will remain fond memories so use this opportunity to contribute to such a unique book, uniquely, about the two of you.

Christmas Gift Ideas from Children to parents

For Mummy: Fingerprint necklace

Like all parents, we treasure the small things when it comes to our children. This gift idea is guaranteed to spark utter joy, if not a few tears! It really doesn’t matter how old your child is to give such a personal, sentimental gift that will be preserved forever! will send you a kit with easy to follow instructions for you to capture your little ones fingerprint.

Fingerprint necklace

Token Jar

For Daddy: Token Jar

The busy lives we live can sometimes lead to compromise. When it comes to gifts, the greatest gift of all is ‘time’ and this amazing ‘Daddy and Me Activity Tokens Jar’ is the perfect gift for a child to give to their Daddy. Kids love nothing more than getting stuck into an activity with their parents and by doing this, you are creating a unique yet unbreakable bond. Working together as a team to achieve the same goal is priceless. So, if you find yourselves at a loose end with some spare time, grab the jar and entertain yourselves The jar can also be personalised with the child’s name.

For Anyone

These gift ideas are ‘feel good’ gifts. Not only are you helping but you’re allowing the gift receiver to believe they are also helping. Christmas is a great time to put things into Perspective. During severe winters in places like Tibet and Mongolia, temperatures can drop below minus 40°C. This gift could help children living in freezing conditions keep warm and improve their chances of survival. For homeless young people who might feel isolated, missing out on Christmas dinner can compound their loneliness. This gift provides a hot, festive meal to share with others in their hostel. This is more than just a dinner, you’ll potentially be giving a young person hope and sometimes hope is all they have.

Help children living in freezing conditions

The above gifts have been selected as ‘thinking outside the box’ with a view to giving something special this year. As mentioned above, the greatest gift of all is simply ‘time’. No amount of money or gift can substitute this. So, when you’re running around like a headless chicken buying presents for the sake of buying presents, just remember that the person you are buying for will be more than happy to have a moment with you rather than a great big gift. Presence before presents.